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Watercolor Brush 20

I once thought to myself why does humanity go out looking for creatures on other planets if we already have to live with such in our homes..?
Indeed many of us already know that man and woman are in a certain aspect creatures from another planets with such a different view of reality that it is difficult for them to understand each other and all the more so to live together and lead a joint family life together.
But I once heard a wonderful Torah lesson from Rabbi Avner Kavas on the subject of Shalom Beit and this lesson inspired me to create this painting that you see here.
The Cherubim in the Temple
In the lesson he explained a beautiful idea;

In the Temple there were statues of angels that stood in the Holy of Holies, one had a man face and the other had the face of a woman, although they stood one in front of the other their gaze was not turned completely to each other but was turned slightly down to the Holy Ark that was below them, where the  Tablets of the Law, the luhot habrit were placed.

This statuses in the most holy place of the temple represent the man and woman, the holy ark represents the torah  their gaze towards downs is to teach us that the base of their relationship is not only looking at each other but searching the tora to be their guide about how they should treat each other. the connection with the tora is what can bring them to the ideal situation were the divine presence will be able to dwell between them.

The base of the construction and the maintenance of the temple were the divine presence can dwell, is in the base and in the soul of the temple.

Because both the man and woman souls  are composed of fire and this can be seen in the Hebrew letters of the name woman and man that are also composed of fire. and each one has an additional letter. and if we bring this additional letter together we receive the name of G-d in Hebrew.

From here we learn about the secret of love and peace between man and woman according to the Torah: as said in the verse

״איש ואשה זכו שכינה בינהם לא זכו אש אוכלתם״


A man and woman that have had a merit and purified their personality by the study of Torah, the Divine presence is between them, but if they didn't merit / purify themselves, a fire will consume them.

Interestingly, the letters of the word fire in hebrew (אש) compose the letters of man and woman in hebrew (eish- ish - isha).

In this painting, the red color symbolizes the fire, while the white and yellow light symbolizes the Divine light (Shechina) between them.



Size: 50 x 40 cm

Media: Oil Painting

Year of Creation: 2008


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