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Lina Tsarfaty Hazan is a multi-talented artist who has earned special attention in the art world with her dynamic and innovative paintings. Born in Jerusalem in 1974, Lina discovered her love for art and painting at an early age and went on to study art history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Alongside her formal education, she also immersed herself in the study of Jewish thought and Torah, further enhancing her understanding of the world and her own creativity.

With a background in graphic design and a self-taught approach to painting, Lina honed her skills and found inspiration during her 13-year residency in Brazil. The rich artistic culture and community of contemporary artists in the country had a profound impact on her work and her artistic vision.

She has been awarded two international prizes for her work and her paintings were showcased at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2019.

Today, Lina operates her studio and gallery in northern Israel, where she continues to create vibrant and highly original paintings that are celebrated by art lovers and collectors around the world.

Lina's work is known for its bold and distinctive style, blending traditional techniques with contemporary elements to create paintings that are both deeply meaningful and aesthetically captivating. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of art, Lina's paintings are sure to leave a lasting impression. Her unique blend of technical proficiency, cultural knowledge, and artistic vision make her one of the most exciting artists working today.




If I need to summarise my art in a few words I will call it:

Contemporary Art inspired by Ancient Jewish Wisdom.

I Choose issues from Jewish Wisdom literature that specially impact me.

I Paint mainly with oil paintings on canvas .

my painting style is different, it has sometimes a geometric aspect a little of the classic, modern, a lot of abstract, and some times all together at the same canvas.

I Do that because I don't intent to stick to a certain style or technique my focus is the message of the art.



2024.  article:

2022 . Participation in "Spot light" Contemporary Art            Magazine 30

2020 . Certificate of Excellence in Art. given by CFA

2019 . Honourable Mention Award. given by CFA

2018 . Art Productions NYC

2018 . Member of Association " Yotsrim Seviva " Israel

2017 . Published in "Inspiration International Art Book"

2016 . Art Up Close NY

2012 . Published in a Selected Artist Book;

"International Contemporary Masters" Volume VI  by WWAB 


March 2023 Exhibition at the Tokyo Tower Art Fair, Japan

October 2019Exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris

April 2018/2019 . Expo New York, Digital Exhibition

September 2018/2019 . Monaco Yacht Show, Digital Exhibition

December 2018/2019 . Red Dot Miami, Digital Exhibition

March 2018/2019 . Architectural Digest Design Show, New York

gallery portrait.jpg

Your daughter daydreams ..

This is what the teacher told my mother about me when I was 7 years old.

But after years G-d  has showen me how to turn this "problem" into a blessing.

I learned to take this imaginary world and mix it with some inspiring knowledge and put it all on the canvas.

and this way being able to share it now with you.

I have chosen to share with you here on this site some of my personal stories and inspiring insights related to the paintings and the creative process of each one of them. You can find them in my  Jewish art collection gallery when you click on any painting.



So if you are looking for works of art that inspire in a contemporary and different style. If you are looking for unique Jewish art. Or if you are looking for modern artwork with an important message. 

I think you're in the right place! 

A lot of work has been invested in this site for you! So enjoy browsing and discovering worlds rich in content and beauty.


awards page 3_edited.jpg
carrousel du louvre 2017 - 1.jpg

Picture from exhibition at the Louvre Museom in Paris.

Art Lina Hazan Louvre 2019 1.jpg

Picture from exhibition at the Louvre Museom in Paris.  

Carrousel du Louvre Paris - Musee du Louvre - PAKS Gallery MAMAG Museum.JPG

Picture from exhibition at the Louvre Museom in Paris.

Testimonials Anchor


Lina, Your painting just arrived today,  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this piece. It is a timeless treasure that will be a family heirloom and receive many lifetimes of appreciation.... 

Shanonn from USA
Bought "Batia and the miracle" 


It is a collector piece.
I fall in love with this artist work, is full of live, feelings and movements. It is more than I expected, for sure I will buy again from this wonderful artist...

Nosson Elhanan from Israel
Bought Tehilim on Canvas


Perfect art:
it connects the beauty of the material to the sublime of the spiritual.

Iris Kulikovsky from Israel
Bought Tehilim on Canvas



Thank you so much Lina!!!! Not only was the order/restauration completed in a really timely manner, but the finished product is so beautiful and so well done!!!! I am completely satisfied... and really in awe of her talent.

Sarah from Israel

Restoration and Renovation

of Oil Paintings



Beautiful art and communicative seller!

Marissa from France

Bought Rambam

Great product and fantastic service.


Moises Attias from Panama

Bought Jerusalem Print



It’s a gorgeous piece of art! So much detail and so worth it!! Beautiful! We love it and can’t stop staring at it.


Raquel Linden from Canada

Bought Crossing of the Red Sea

I was extremely pleased with this beautiful piece of artwork. The colors are amazing and I love the deep spiritual meaning that is portrayed by the Artist. It arrived in good time and was packaged very well. Lina was very helpful and a pleasure to do business with. If you are considering ordering from her site you will not be disappointed.


Cindee Milley from Canada

Bought Tehilim on Canvas


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