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Watercolor Brush 20

This art represents the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Oil Painting on Canvas
Size 60 x 120 cm

Created in 2021

What is your personal Exodus...?

The painting describes the biblical story of the Exodus from Egypt, with a close up on the dramatic and marvelous moment where G-d splits the sea for the nation of Israel to liberate them from slavery. As the people of Israel are crossing the sea on dry land, the Egyptian army pursues the Israelites to bring them back into slavery.

Besides the known story, there is a deeper comprehension the Torah teaches us: that in fact, the Exodus from Egypt is an event that can occur to any of us in our personal world. The Egyptians represent all the things in life that bind and enslave us.

The Egyptians enslaved us back then to do work that brought us no real benefit. Just as the evil instinct now convinces us to engage in things that will not benefit us in our spiritual and eternal life.
And the tearing of the sea is the winning of this situation only by a great miracle.
There is something symbolic here that even at the last minute when salvation is already happening the evil instinct does not give up until the last minute. 
I, too, am on a journey to get out of Egypt waiting for the moment of the great light leading us to liberation from all our trouble.

The painting style is unusual and original and has a combination of many painting styles. a different style and innovating in the world of art.

close up people.jpg
closeup horses.jpg

Close-ups and texture

texture 2.jpg


Size: 120 x 60 cm / 80 x 80 cm

Media: Oil Painting

Year of Creation: 2021


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