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Watercolor Brush 20

In my life I have been faced with situations where I had to do things that were really challenging for me.

In moments like this I sat in despair and did not know what to do, the tasks looked too big and impossible to beat anyway, so I thought there was no point in even starting, while sinking in the sofa in despair, I remembered the wonderful story I learned in the Torah, the Bible story of Batya and the miracle


Batya was the daughter of Pharaoh king of Egypt  who ordered all Jewish babies to be thrown into the river. Batya went one day with her maids to the Nile and saw a baby crying in a basket. She wanted to save the baby but he was too far away to reach,

So according to Rashi*  Hashem (the Almighty) made a miracle that her arm stretched and became longer and she was able to pull him out of the river.

What she didn't know in that moment is that by doing this she saved a man who would later save an entire nation and bring morality to humankind by giving the Torah. 

One of the most beautiful lessons we can learn from this story is that when we face situations in life where we know what is the right and the good thing to do, but we feel its too hard to accomplish we should not give up we should only start, just like Batya did. And many times Hashem will give us the strength and even will complete the job. But we only need to start doing something.



* Rashi- the main Torah commentator

Lina Hazan . Batya and the Miracle (On Wall)
Lina Hazan . Batya and the Miracle
Lina Hazan . Batya and the Miracle

I'v learn many things from this story.

When there is trouble the Almighty has already prepared our salvation.

Also, when we try to achieve an important goal, even though it looks impossible or too far to reach, we only need to make a start and sometimes the Almighty will complete the job...

Lina Hazan . Batya and the Miracle


Size: 100 x 80 cm

Media: Oil Painting

Year of Creation: 2017



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