The Cherubs in the Temple

This unique painting is based on the study of what the Cherubim symbolized.

In the Temple there were statues of angels that stood in the Holy of Holies, one was in the shape of a man and the other in the form of a woman, their gaze turned to the Holy Ark below them, where the The Tablets of the Law, the luhot habrit were placed.

From here we learn about the secret of love and peace between man and woman according to the Torah: as said in the verse

״איש ואשה זכו שכינה בינהם לא זכו אש אוכלתם״

A man and woman that have had a merit and purified their personality by the study of Torah, the Divine presence is between them, but if they didn't merit / purify themselves, a fire will consume them.

Interestingly, the letters of the word fire in hebrew (אש) compose the letters of man and woman in hebrew (eish- ish - isha).

In this painting, the red color symbolizes the fire, while the white and yellow light symbolizes the Divine light (Shechina) between them.

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