This painting is based on the story of the exodus, when the jews were redeemed from slavery and left Egypt.

When the people of Israel left Egypt and traveled through the desert, a pillar of cloud accompanied them and protected them from the dangers of the desert.

In this painting, in an abstract style, the people of Israel are seen walking in the desert and the cloud column led their way.

There is also a verse that says, "Thus saith the Lord, I remember the kindness of your youth to thy walked after me in the desert"

This verse describes the love of Israel for God

On the other hand, Onkulos (a famous Torah commentator) told the soldiers who came to catch him:

"See the difference between the King of Kings and the King of flesh and blood. That the king of flesh and blood is going to war when the soldiers and the people head and the king behind, to protect the king,

On the other hand, when the King of Kings faces danger, He leads ahead of His people, for it is he who watches over and protects his nation."

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