This oil painting depicts the Bible story where Pharaoh's daughter (Batya) and her girls found Moses in the Nile. Batya tried to pull him out of the water but he was too far away to reach, so Hashem (the Almighty) made a miracle that her hand became longer.

On the far right, we can see the people of Israel who were in slavery praying for help, while in the center are the pyramids. All of the colors in the painting match their significance. For example, the red reminds us of the blood of the babies that Pharaoh ordered to be killed.

We learn many things from this story: When there is trouble the Almighty has already prepared our salvation. Also, when we try to achieve an important goal, even though it looks impossible or too far to reach, we only need to make a start and sometimes the Almighty will complete the job...

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