The story behind each painting  (short articles)

19 Sep 2019

This painting describes the Midrash that says that when the people of Israel went into exile they passed through the grave of our mother Rachel The soul of Rachel, our mother, who sees them from above weeps to God for mercy on them, and indeed, thanks to her, the Holy One, blessed be He, answered her,:

"Prevent your voice from crying and your eyes from tears, because of your merits your children will come back to their land"

19 Jun 2017

The Cherubs in the Temple

This unique painting is based on the study of what the Cherubim symbolized.

In the Temple there were statues of angels that stood in the Holy of Holies, one was in the shape of a man and the other in the form of a woman, their gaze turned to the Holy Ark below them, where the The Tablets of the Law, the luhot habrit were placed.

From here we learn about the secret of love and peace between man and woman...

6 Jun 2017

This painting is based on the verse:

״Jerusalem is the light of the world " What does it mean?

Jerusalem during the days of the Temple was said to have been the light of the world as will be the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

So why is Jerusalem the light of the world? Is not the sun the light of the world?

Firstly, we need to understand the concept of light from its contrast, the darkness, because light is what allows us to understan...

5 Jun 2017

This painting is based on the story of the exodus, when the jews were redeemed from slavery and left Egypt.

When the people of Israel left Egypt and traveled through the desert, a pillar of cloud accompanied them and protected them from the dangers of the desert.

In this painting, in an abstract style, the people of Israel are seen walking in the desert and the cloud column led their way.

There is also a verse that says, "Thus sa...

5 Jun 2017

This unique rendering of the first Psalm is divided into two separate panels. This division expresses the concept alluded to in the Psalm: One who is connected to the Torah is like a deeply rooted tree beside water, the source of life; whereas the person who lives life without integrity is adrift in the wind without any stability or direction. The text of the Psalm is painted by hand in the original Hebrew through the center o...

5 Jun 2017

This painting was inspired by the  experience of the day of Simhat Torah.

The joy of Simchat Torah is the most exalted level of happiness that exists. This union between us and Almighty, is a moment of perfect completion.

In this painting, the blue symbolizes the supreme and sublime spirituality of the day.

The circular brush strokes embody the perfection that the form of a circle represents. Additionally, the rings themsel...

4 Jun 2017

This oil painting depicts the Bible story where Pharaoh's daughter (Batya) and her girls found Moses in the Nile. Batya tried to pull him out of the water but he was too far away to reach, so Hashem (the Almighty) made a miracle that her hand became longer. 

On the far right, we can see the people of Israel who were in slavery praying for help, while in the center are the pyramids. 
All of the colors in the painting match their...

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