If I need to summarize my art in a few words I will call it:

contemporary art inspired by ancient Jewish wisdom.

I choose issues from Jewish wisdom literature that specially impact me and I want to connect to them, I feel painting them will help me understand them better .

I paint mainly with oil paintings on canvas but not only,

I creates in a different style

it has sometimes a geometric aspect a little of the classic, modern, a lot of abstract, and some times all together at the same canvas.

I do that because I don't intent to stick to a certain style or technique my focus is the message of the art.


Lina Tsarfaty Hazan was Born in 1974 in Jerusalem, Israel, to a Spanish speaking

parents from Spanish morocco.

From an early age, she discovered her love for art and painting.

She studied History of Art at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, graduated

in Graphic Design, and dedicated many years for the study of Jewish Thought.

As a painter, she was always an autodidact.

After her graduation 1999, Lina worked as an independent graphic designer .

And also took a part time job as a teacher of Jewish thought.

7 years later she decided to leave her work as a graphic designer and dedicate

her time for painting along with raising her small children and taking care

of her family.

Most of her professional creative work as a painter began in Brazil where she

lived for 13 years from 2001-2014 there she was inspired by Brazil great artists

of our times: Carlos Araujo and Satyro Marques


*at 2012 she was selected to enter the "INTERNATIONAL ART MASTERS" book by curator Despina Tunberg and since the day this book was published she received countless invitations to appear in many important museums , art galleries and competitions awards around the world

among them:

                  - Southern Nevada Museum of fine arts

                  - Atim Masters Awards

                  - Tokio Shibuya Station Exhibition

                  -Venice international art fair, at Palazzo Cazandari

                  -International contemporary Art Cannes Biennale,

                 - Florence Biennale , and many many more...

* at 2015 she was selected to enter "Rembrandt new heirs"

/ "Effecto Arte magazine” by Italy art critics



                 2012- International contemporary masters. Volume vi WWAB

                 2017- Inspiration international art book. Contemporary masters

                 2016- Art upclose NY

                 2018 -Art productions NYC

                 2018- member of Association " Yotsrim Seviva " Israel



               October 2019- Exhibition at the -Louvre Museum- in Paris 

               April 2018,2019 -  expo new York,  digital exhibition

               September 2018, 2019 - MONACO Yacht Show, / digital exhibition

               December 2018, 2019 - Red Dot Miami, / digital exhibition

               March 2018 , 2019 -  Architectural Digest Design Show, New York ,


Artist of theYear Award
certificate -honorable Mentioned Award-
given by circle foundations of the arts
Exhibition at the Louvre Museum
International Art Masters book
Rembrandt new heirs article
Louvre exhibition
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Louvre exhibition